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The Elyria Public Service Commission has accepted applications for a list of police officers. The Elyia Civil Service Commission is accepting applications for positions in the Police Department and the Ministry of Health and Human Resources.

Applicants who are military service veterans under ORC 124-23 may apply to the Commission for recognition of the veteran for the service described above in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Air National Guard. Such applications for veterans' recognition must be accompanied at all times by a copy of the applicant's certificate of discharge and a letter of recommendation from the Department of Veterans Affairs and submitted to the Commission for application and examination. However, the Commission reserves the right to refuse applicants for any reason, such as the reason not described below or the lack of proof of service in accordance with OR C-12-1.

You must complete the application form and the survey online at www. If it is not possible to submit your application or other materials electronically, you can print the application and / or collect a printed copy from the Commission's office. For any material questions regarding county employment or job vacancies, please contact Brenda Varady at (714) 888-476-5555.

Electronic submission of your application and related documents is preferred, but the certificate must be dated 9 March 2019 or later for it to be valid and to be submitted together with the application. Filing the County Employment Application requires a valid California driver's license or other valid state ID.

The written exam consists of several components and in order to pass it, candidates must answer 70 questions from each part correctly and obtain a cumulative minimum score of 75 in the written exams. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the form as shown on this form and score points in each of its components. To apply for employment in the district, an applicant must answer at least 50% of the total number of questions on each component.

Applicants eligible for veterans' loans will receive an identical grade to non-veterans, which is classified according to their military service status. Applicants eligible for veterans credit: All eligible veterans with credit must achieve a rank equal to or higher than that of a non-veteran who has achieved the same grades. All applicants who are eligible for Veterans' Credits will be ranked in the same or better order of rank for the same rank.

An application for university credit must be submitted to the Commission with the application and examination and must be accompanied by an official - certified - protocol. The credits are calculated as a percentage and then added to the total points achieved by the applicant in written and oral tests. The credit is calculated as a percentage and then adds up to the total points achieved by the candidates in the written examination or oral examination. The credits are calculated as a percentage and then added to the total points, the total points achieved by an applicant in both written and oral tests, and the total points of all applicants.

If it turns out that an applicant has at any time provided false or intentionally incomplete information, the Commission for the Civil Service will remove the applicant from the list of beneficiaries. An applicant may not reapply for a post in the Elyria Police Department if he is disqualified for not meeting standards that are not classified as "sensitive" or are currently sensitive.

The county accepts applications for all contributions listed on this page by the deadline of publication. Please note that new vacancies can be added periodically and will be removed when filling the position.

If an applicant is disqualified due to time-sensitive standards, he can reapply in the next available recruitment cycle if he meets these standards. A CV can be submitted as application material, but a fully completed application form will not be considered as complete.

If no deadline or date is specified in the call for tenders, the Agency has the power to set the deadline and the post may be closed without notice. If a date or date is not mentioned or indicated in the calls for tenders, an agency may have the power to set the deadlines and / or the jobs may be opened or closed on time, but has no power to set deadlines and no power to close jobs.

Click on the job title below to see the full job details including description, requirements and application procedures for each position. As soon as new vacancies in the county become available, they will be added. Unless otherwise stated in this announcement, a cut-off date must be specified on which the position capacity is reached. If no deadlines or dates are set, the post closes on or before the day of the last working day or when all posts in this function have reached capacity. Unless otherwise specified in these notices, no deadline or date is given.