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Northeast Ohio hosts a variety of events and activities every day, and Buckeye State has plenty of them if you know where to look. These activities are open to all ages and contain a new theme every month, but they are all fun and enjoyable.

The Splash Zone in Oberlin is a fun, interactive water park with a variety of activities for children and adults. Similar to Avon's Aquatic Facility, it has a climbing rope area, a water slide and a paddling zone for children.

The museum is open for hiking and the farm allows members of the community to walk through its grounds from June to November and enjoy incredible views of downtown Cleveland. The best place in Elyria to enjoy family entertainment is the Rollarena Family Skating Center. We have a variety of activities and resorts to and from which you can drive, such as Lake Erie Resort in Oberlin.

The Cotton Trail runs through one of the county's oldest trees and leads north to the Days Dam picnic area. The waterfall path leads to a year-round waterfall and the Stahlmühlenweg is an extension of the bridge path. Visitors can take the streetcar on parts of both routes to Lake Erie Park and the Recreation Center.

Elyria has a number of parks and recreation centers, including Lake Erie Park, Elywood Park and the City of Elyria Recreation Center, as well as the city's recreation center. Elyia Park is one of the most scenic parks in the county, especially along the Black River. Check out our top 25 spots, which offer more than 1,000 miles of hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and more.

Cleveland Tea Revival is home to experts who make tea and kombucha and even offer classes for the community. Rising Star Coffee Roasters, a local cafe and tea shop, is a great place to live and work in Ohio City. It consists of local food, local craft beer and wine, as well as a wide selection of tea, coffee and other drinks.

Although Ohio City is home to fewer than 10,000 people, it represents people from 15 different ethnic groups and allows the community to be exposed to shops, restaurants and influences from around the world. Tittle and Perlmutter are proud to be members of the Ohio City Community, as there are so many things to see and do. While they continue to volunteer and engage with OhioCity, Inc. and support businesses in and outside their community, they hope to build a lifelong relationship with this incredible city. To learn more about the Cleveland Clinic's Integrity and Innovation Program, please visit their website here.

Check out the Elyria, Ohio website to find opportunities and activities in this new place that will find playgrounds your children will enjoy and look forward to seeing. Check out the websites of all Elyria to find out what activities are offered in these unique areas. Click here to see a list of where the Cleveland Clinic has identified and implemented measures to ensure that design, implementation, reporting and research are as free of bias as possible.

Start with your plans to enjoy the season with your children, relatives and friends and see the family - friendly vacation events taking place in the Cleveland and Akron area. This weekend rounds up - up offers a list of the many fun things that are happening this weekend. The following free events in Northeast Ohio keep you up to date with affordable family fun. Many of these events are free or at a low price, so start your weekend with a few free things you can do on the weekend to make sure you enjoy this season as a child, relative or friend.

Lakeshore Learning Center offers a free Crafts for Kids program on Saturday, and Playground World in Avon, in Lorain County, offers free play. Enjoy free evening fun at the Cleveland Children's Museum this month with a variety of free activities for children and adults from 6 to 9 p.m. on Fridays.

To ensure professional and economic integrity in such matters, the Cleveland Clinic maintains a program that reviews collaborations and takes steps to minimize any bias that may arise from industry ties. To this end, Elyria Works is now bringing together community partners from across the city, including community organizations, businesses, nonprofits, schools, churches and other organizations. The revival efforts in Downtown Elyia will continue with the opening of the new Elyria Preserve on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue. With the addition of an updated hiking trail and a playground to the existing pavilion, this nature reserve will be upgraded.

Elyria has two amazing parks, Cascade and Elywood, both of which are part of our city's critical history. Both have six holes that run along the Black River, making the games challenging yet entertaining, and both offer plenty of opportunities to hang out on the two long trails and picnic spots. The Kids of Ohio and the City Council have partnered with the Elyria City Council since 2012 to develop an outdoor playground for children and families in the city.

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More About Elyria